Turbo-Card Roulette - Procedures

Very minimal training for Operators and Surveillance.

As a casino executive, it is our job to maximize the owner's profits while maintaining the excitement, entertainment value and integrity of our gaming floors. As Table Games Managers, our biggest expense is labor to run our games and labor to watch our games. This is about to change!

Turbo-Card Roulette (TCR) is considered a Dealer Assisted Electronic Table Game and falls under GLI 25. The game is patented and allows the casino the ability to offer a game considered as one of the hardest games to deal with about 10 minutes of training with no dealer errors, no casino bleed, outstanding decisions per hour, 100% secure, requiring little oversight and exciting to the players. On a standard Roulette table, as more players join the game, the less decisions per hour the Dealer will be able to achieve. With TCR, 50, 60, 70 players joining the game has no affect on decisions per hour and plays faster than a Dealer dealing to 1 player on a standard game.












We do not call the individual operating the table a Dealer but rather an Operator as they make no decisions and handle no payouts. This person needs to have a very exciting personality or more of a showman attitude as they have a microphone on them to talk to the customer to keep them involved in the game. We offer the customer the ability to wager on 2 games at a time as the Operator keeps both of our custom shufflers moving at all times. We use hard plastic RFID cards which we memorize the RFID signature of we place them into our custom shuffler. If anyone tries to introduce a card that we have not memorized for that shuffler, it will not read so we will never have duplicated cards in our shuffler. Cooler decks will not work in this apparatus. The RFID cards are the proprietary property of INAG.

When the operator touches the touch screen at their station which says "no more bets", a live camera feed turns on so the players can see 100% of the action at the Operator's station projected to their wagering terminal so they have that warm and fuzzy feeling that all is fair. The live feed will also be projected to the main game public display for all to see. When the shuffler comes to a stop, the Operator will remove the card directly in front of the flapper and place it on the RFID reader. The Operator will assure that the information read by the reader matched the printing on the card and hits confirm on the Operator's terminal. At this point, the # will appear on the individual wagering stations as well as the public Display. The game server will settle all wagers and the game is ready for action again. 


** This Game is Patented and has passed all GLI testing.


In Summary: 

  • Very minimal training for Operators and Surveillance

  • No Operator errors

  • No casino bleed

  • Minimum labor vs. number of customers served

  • Minimum supervision needed as no open bank at table.

  • No decrease in decisions per hour as more players join the game

  • Fully expandable

  • 100% secure operation

  • No Capital Expenditure to casino

Turbo Roulette
Turbo Roulette
Turbo Roulette