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Flushed: Race to the Flush - Procedures


The object of flushed is for players to accurately predict and wager upon the number of cards needed to create a flush which is five cards of a single suit.




  • A round of flushed begins with the dealer opening the table for wagers.

  • Next, players place their bets on the designated player positions within the individual betting areas. There are two genres of wagers on the table, Inside and Outside bets.

  • Betting is closed, and the dealer begins dealing one card at a time and placing it on the table according to its suit.

  • Once one suit reaches a flush, the inside bet winner is determined by the total number of cards played.

  • Outside bet winners are determined by either total number of cards (odd, even), winning suit, winning color, what’s within the winning suit (Ace, Royal Flush, or Straight Flush), and/or a range of numbers of total number of cards dealt.

  • When each suit has four (4) cards dealt, a total of sixteen (16), the next obvious card would be a flush for one of the suits.

  • The seventeenth card is not flipped, as all inside and outside bets are lost, except for any wagers placed on seventeen (17). A player with a winning wager placed on 17 has the option to take the payout of 35:1 or can continue to gamble all or a portion of the bet on the suit of the next card and winner of the race.

  • Winning wagers pays 150 :1.

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