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Mystery Card Roulette - Procedures

MCR has received Board approval along with our patented

shuffler for play in Nevada.

Mystery Card Roulette is the answer for every Table Games Manager wishing to offer a Roulette-style game to their customers where Roulette Wheels are not allowed. Our apparatus is a patented card mixing and selection apparatus (shuffler) that can be used for different card games. The shuffler will hold up to 38 cards as is, but can be modified to hold different amounts of cards. Mystery Card Roulette is now the #1 card based Roulette game in the world. The shuffler is 32" in diameter and sits where the standard wheel would normally sit.

Mystery Card Roulette
Mystery Card Roulette
Mystery Card Roulette

Mystery Card Roulette  -  Spinning Eagle !

The game starts when the players place their wagers on the game layout. The Dealer gives the shuffler head a good spin. As the wagering slows down, the Dealer inserts a flapper to slow down the spinning top and calls off all wagering. When the shuffler head comes to a stop, the Dealer removes the card in front of the flapper and marks that number on the layout using a dolly marker. After all pay and takes have been completed, the Dealer returns the card to the slot it was removed from and the Dealer releases the flapper unit and again gives the shuffler a spin. We use custom cards in our shuffler. The deck has 38 cards; 1-36, 0, 00.


We have single-zero shufflers available as well. The printing on our cards is not visible when the card is resting in the shuffler head. Only INAG cards are allowed to be used in our shufflers for this very reason. We now have hard plastic RFID cards available as we use this style card in our Turbo-Card Roulette game. The game can be played in Class II or Class III format.


The shuffler is maintenance-free other than dusting. The cards can be used for long periods of time since marking the cards will have no effect on the randomization of card selection or game outcome. The shuffler has been certified by GLI for randomness.  The shuffler has been approved for play in California, Nevada and Oklahoma.

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