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HotSeat Jackpot - Policies & Procedures
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The “HotSeat Jackpot” Promotional Drawing System is a player funded, promotional drawing system designed for use with existing dealer-controlled table games within the casino environment. The system provided for review is comprised of dealer-controlled tablet devices which host the HotSeat Jackpot dealer application, and the HotSeat Jackpot backend system which collects all ticket purchases entered through the tablet applications and is responsible for tracking and executing promotional drawings at pre-defined intervals.

Participating in HotSeat Jackpot promotional drawings requires that patrons playing at traditional table games place wagers in the form of a side-bet that is collected by the table dealer and entered into the HotSeat Jackpot tablet device. Promotional drawings are performed at pre-defined, timed intervals per the system configurations at a given site. Defined timeframes include both the drawing interval, and the available window in which wagers can be placed between each drawing.


For each wager placed by a player, they are assigned one entry towards the current/upcoming “HotSeat Jackpot” prize. For example, when configured to a cost of $1.00 per entry, a player choosing to place a $5.00 wager on the upcoming drawing will be assigned five entries towards that drawing. Each purchased player entry is defined within the system by the players table identifier and seat number. These fields comprise their corresponding “raffle ID” for the current promotional drawing.

Once the pre-defined wagering window has closed, the “HotSeat Jackpot” system will then perform a drawing utilizing the systems random number generator, which will draw one ticket (”raffle ID”) from the set of available tickets which have been purchased for that drawing. The table and seat number for the drawn winning ticket/player will then be displayed on the dealer’s tablet, indicating the winner of the drawing and prize amount. This drawing and winner information will be broadcast and displayed on all participating tablet devices at all tables. Note that prizes are only available to participating players at active seats. Table seats which do not have an active player are not eligible to win. Payouts to the winning player are handled by the dealer at the winning table.

In the event that a winning player has won a prize greater than the pre-defined taxation/withholding threshold and the players original entry fee is equal to or greater than 300 times the entry fee, a prompt will occur on the respective table interface to confirm whether the winning player has provided identifying information to complete any required withholding paperwork. If that player does not provide this information and the appropriate, the hourly drawing will immediately select a new winner with the player pool fund.

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