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In 2000, Innovations in Native-American Gaming Inc. became a California “C” Corporation (INAG CA) and began looking for capital. He offered "Letters of Subscriptions" at $250.00 per share and quickly had to limit that offer to people well known to the company. Soon after, INAG filed for "S" Corporation status and remains as such today. These stock holders have been rewarded by receiving Distributions as of Dec. 2013 equaling 4 times their initial investment.


On December 31, 2013, INAG CA was closed and all licenses and contracts were transferred to International Network in Advance-Gaming Inc. (INAG NV). INAG NV has relocated the operations to Sir Marks’ ranch (Dunmoving Ranch) 60 Artesia Rd Wellington, NV 89444. INAG has built a new 4800 SF office/warehouse  that also has a large showroom for managers to come and view new games.


INAG holds many Tribal Gaming Licenses and has been issued a Finding of Suitability For the Nevada Corporation. Only the name and tax ID numbers changed. INAG NV is registered as a Manufacturer and Distributor in California and has been issued both Manufacture, Distributor & Route Licenses in Nevada.

On November 26th 2018 INAG did a buyback of all of its stock from outside investors. Sir Mark H. Jones now owns 100% of company stock.

Sir Mark Jones has been issued 24 US patents with more pending.


INAG believes that service and relationship building are the corner stone's for long term business relationships. Our motto "Big Enough To Serve – Small Enough To Care" sums up that philosophy. Becoming #1 is our goal with every product we patent. Mystery Card Roulette is the #1 card based roulette game in the world. Mystery Card Bonanza is the #1 card based Big Six style game in the world and our new electronic table game, Turbo Card Roulette, should do the same.

Sir Mark had positioned the company to have more protection via his 24 gaming patents than the other table games companies. They are all busy, in my opinion, stealing the ideas of new game developers as they cannot design protected table game content. The Supreme Courts rulings for patenting table game content has been restricting the issuance of table game patents. Due to our large, patented game library, INAG is now partnering with large gaming companies to bring fantastic product to brick and mortar.


INAG believes in working with the casinos to meet their needs and is flexible in making this happen. Every property is unique and as product providers, we must never lose sight of that. We strive to grow at a rate that will catch the attention of one of the larger gaming companies that will make us an offer we can't refuse.



President, INAG Inc.

Sir Mark graduated from San Francisco State with his bachelor’s degree in business and advertising. In 1970 he joined the USAFR where he served as an Aircraft Electrician on the C-130 airplane. He received an Honorable Discharge and left with the rank of E-5.

He Married that same year and started his career in the retail industry working for Alpha Beta, Lucky and Home Depot and worked in management in all 3. At the same time, he started working with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union as a Vice President and soon appointed to the Central Labor Council. At the same time, he joined the Novato Fire Department and Awarded his Firefighter 1 Certificate and EMT License. He served as a Volunteer for 10 years.

Sir Mark started his own financial service franchise and earned his Insurance, Securities 7 and Real Estate licenses and became a Regional Vice President with approximately 100 agents within the company. He sold that business and became a poker dealer. He has dealt and managed in both Class II and Class III gaming. He left the Brick and Mortar side of the business and has operated INAG for 20+ years. He has created many new game concepts including the # 1 card-based roulette style game in the world.

INAG was awarded the title “World’s Greatest Card-Based Gaming Company in the World” by World’s Greatest as seen on TV. INAG has grown to the 3rd or 4th largest card-based gaming companies in the world with revenues exceeding 1.5 million per year.


President, North American Gaming Inc.

Monica Ladd Kimbrough has been in Slot Gaming since 1993 and a class ll and class lll licensed manufacturer of slot machines since 2002. North American Gaming is based out of Mississippi.

sheryle Jones .jpg

Assistant Office Manager / Compliance / Licensing


Sheryle has been at Mark’s side for almost 40 years. They have 5 kids, 11 Grandkids and 5 Great Grandkids. She allows me to take the chances in life that have gotten us where we are today. Behind every good man is a better woman.


President, Cambridge Design


Born and raised in the Northeast, BS from NYU. Worked for USA TODAY in NYC, managing the NY art department. Moved to CA in late 90’s and entered the Casino Gaming industry in 2004. With my background in marketing and design, I enjoy applying those skills today to designing and manufacturing quality table game layouts. President of Cambridge Design in CA.


Warehouse Operations Manager


Born and raised in Northern California, she went to Le Cordon Bleu Academy in San Francisco in 2007 and graduated as a Certified Chef. In 2013 needing a change moved to Minden, Nevada and entered the casino gaming industry. She now runs our office and warehouse and is responsible for repairs, shipping, inventory control and service in the casinos. Her computer skills have been a great asset to the company. She is a great team player and Mark's daughter.


INAG has established an Advisory Board of successful business executives to serve as a

"think tank" for the company.


Members are:

Sir Mark H. Jones, President INAG

Lady Sheryle Jones

Monica Ladd, President NAG

John Artz, Attorney, Litigator Dickinson Wright. Intellectual expert

Melissa Torres, INAG

Deborah Conoscente, President Cambridge Designs

John Purcell, President Digi Wheel

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