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INAG has been issued  utility patents on 3-party player banked craps and roulette card games

21st Century Craps - Procedures

21st Century Craps is a game that is best dealt on a Roulette style table surface. It allows the players to place true odds Craps bets on the top half of the layout with new and exciting proposition payouts on the bottom half of the layout that mirror roulette odds. The game is dealt using a single Dealer, saving the casinos thousands of dollars a year in labor and allowing the casino to keep the game open around the clock as any other table game. The game uses standard house cheques as the players have #s on the layout that corresponds to their player positions.


The Dealer will place all bets above the line as they would in any Craps game. The bets on the bottom half of the table are self-service, one draw bets. The player is responsible to place their wager on their player position # within the betting area. The game uses our card mixing and selection apparatus and holds a custom 38-card deck composed of the 36 possible outcomes of 2 dice and 2 Jokers. This is a fast game and will have a great hold for the casino. The Dealer for this game must be a Craps Dealer. It frees up a Floorperson to watch more than 1 game and frees up 2 Dealers to deal other games.


This Game is Patented.

21st Century Craps Table Top


21st Century Pay Table

Maximum Return Percentage 94.74% 

H/E 5.26% (all bets except Six & Eight)

This game was designed for the California Cardrooms due to the restrictive rules imposed by California Law as they apply to these businesses. All information below applies to these Cardrooms.

Cardrooms may only offer card games or tile games such as Pai Gow. The House is never allowed to participate in the banking of any game offered in these Cardrooms. The rules are quite simple: 

1. Only an owner of a cardroom may submit games for approval by the Bureau of Gambling Control accompanied with submission fees. 

2. The rules of the game, game math and appendix of terms must be submitted. 

3. The rules must provide for a systematic rotation of the player banker. This person is allowed to hold the banking position for 2 hands before the next player to their left is offered it. 

4. A player banker is never required to cover all action on the game. They only have to post the minimum required under the submitted rules. There may be more than 1 player banker. If the player banker(s) do not cover the action, the licensed banker will complete the action. 

21st Century Craps is a single dealer Craps game. It is played on a modified roulette style table to accommodate our custom random card selection apparatus (shuffler) and since we do not use roulette chips, we do not need that area so big. We use our custom dice cards in our patented shuffler. The game of craps has many single roll proposition wagers. Keep in mind that craps is a much older game than roulette. Roulette stole the wager type from craps. If anyone says this game has roulette style wagers, they are highly uninformed. Roulette has crap style, single roll wagers! This is 100% a card game allowable under the law. The manner of banking his game in a Class II format is patented and is the proprietary property of INAG

Numbers below seven are Red, numbers above seven are Black. Sevens are split between Red and Black, with combinations 1/6, 2/5, 3/4 being Red and 6/1, 5/2, and 4/3 being Black. Joker loses all bets other than the Joker place bet.

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