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Three Way Roulette - Procedures

This is a side bet available on any style roulette game. It allows the player to place a minimum of $5 on as many numbers in the race track. The house edge varies based on single 0, double 00 and triple 000 game format.

The math is as follows:

0 -      5.41%

00 -    7.89%

000 - 10.26%


The player can place a single number and have 5 ways of winning.



If the player placed a wager on the side bet in the #31 square and that # was generated by a standard roulette wheel or our custom MCR card shuffler, that wager would be paid 10 to 1. If $5 was wagered, the player receives $50.

If the player had wagered on either 18 or 19, those wagers would be paid 6 to 1. If $5 was wagered the wager would be paid $30.

If the player had a wager on either 6 or 8, those wagers would be paid 4 to 1. If $5 was wagered the wager would be paid $20.

The math done on the game has a fixed wager of $5 stated but allowing the player the option to bet higher limits will have no effect on the H/E.


The casino should use a different dolly marker to mark up the winning # on the track wager. This is a simple side wager to introduce to your dealers and customers. Casino will be required to purchase new layouts.

3 Way Roulette Side Bet
3 Way Roulette Side Bet - Alternative Layout
Side Bet Table
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