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Field Gold - Procedures

​Rules of Play and Dealing Procedures


Summary of Game


  • Field Gold 21 is an optional proposition bet used in the game of Blackjack. It can be used with 1 - 8 decks of cards.

  • The proposition is whether or not the player’s first 2 cards will total any of the field numbers. Ace’s count as one, face cards as 10’s, and all others their face value.

  • The outcome of the primary Blackjack bet has no bearing on the Field Gold bet and vice versa. A player can win on one and lose the other.

  • The casino will determine if the side bet wager is acted on before the BJ hand continues or pay and take at the same time the BJ wager is settled. The BJ game rules do not change by adding the side bet to the game. This bet has been playing in Louisiana for years.


Start of Game


  • Prior to any cards being dealt, the player is afforded the opportunity to place an optional side bet wager in addition to their BJ wager. The player is wagering that their 1st 2 cards will total2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 (the traditional field bet numbers found on a Craps game. 2 additional outcomes have been added to the payout chart; Black jacks and Ace-Jack suited.

  • The 6-deck math shows the chart enclosed to have an H/E of 5.66%. This is comparable to a Roulette wager on a double zero game.

  • The minimum and maximum limits for this be will be determined by the casino as is all other wagers in the casino.


Dealing the Game


  • The dealer will deal 2 cards face up to each player as well as 1 card up and 1 card down to themselves as in traditional Blackjack.

  • Depending on how the casino wants the side bet wager acted on, the dealer will pay and take all side bet action or wait until the end to pay handle them at the same time as the main game wager.

  • It will be easier for surveillance to follow the action if the wager is acted on immediately. This will slow the game down a tiny bit but will be much cleaner in viewing the transaction as the player only has 2 cards at this point.

  • The dealer will check to see if the player’s 1st 2 up cards match one of the winning totals on the Field Gold 21 payout chart. If it does, then the dealer will pay the player odds base on the chart. If it does not, the dealer will lockup the losing wager.

  • The dealer will handle the main game wager according to already established procedures.


Assume Side bet paid instantly:


First Two Cards Dealt Total Field Numbers


The special bonus is if player’s first two cards is an Ace-Jack in the same suite it pays 25 to 1. Two aces in the field bet can only be counted as 2, which will pay 10 to 1.


3 to 1 payoff is numbers 3 & 4


Any two cards that total 3 or 4, example; such as ace and a deuce that’s a field number 3, it pays 3 to1. Two cards that total 4, such as a two and a two or an ace and a three that’s a field number it pays 3 to1  


2 to 1 payoff is the numbers 9 & 10


Any two cards that total 9 or 10, example; such as six and a three that’s a 9 it pays 2 to 1, or a nine and an ace that’s a 10 it pays 2 to 1. There are plenty of other combinations but I think you get the picture.


1 to 1 payoff is the number 11 & 12


Any two cards that total 11 or 12, example; seven and a four or an eight and a three that’s an 11 it pays 1 to 1. Another example a face card and a two that’s 12 it pays 1 to 1.


Any Blackjack pays 3 to 2


Any face card or ten with an ace pays 3 to 2. (The only exception is the top prize Ace- Jack in the same suite.


Resumption of Blackjack


The take or pay procedure for the Field Gold wager is accomplished prior to any additional cards being dealt by the dealer. At the conclusion of the Field Gold bet take or pay procedure, the blackjack game resumes as normal.


Field Gold Training Reminders


1.    Some of the popularity of the game is due to its simplicity. It takes the 5 seconds to explain how to play the game. “Put a wager in the bonus circle and, if your first two cards total field numbers you win.”

2.    Remember that Field Gold is not a “Carnival Game.” It is regular Blackjack with a bonus bet. Yes you will get some players that will call anything new a sucker bet. The fact of the matter is most players want variety. Example; take a look at slots.

3.    Player may wager more on the Field Gold bonus wager than the regular Blackjack bet.

4.    All Field Gold wagers are paid or taken before the beginning of the hit stand sequence (recommended).

5.    Push all winnings and wager for Field Gold beyond the betting area towards the table rim this should complete all winning Field Gold payoffs.

6.    When the dealer’s up card is an ace, act on all winning and losing field gold wagers before offering insurance or peeking.

7.    Remember to keep players in chips to play the Field Gold bonus bet. Don’t convert the players to larger denomination chips. Give them plenty of $1 or $5 chips, if that is what they are wagering, on the Field Gold bet.

8.    Winning Field Gold payoffs of  $100.00 or more must be announced to supervision. A dealer need not wait for an acknowledgement.





  1. The easiest two-card combination in Blackjack is 11.

  2. The third easiest two-card combination in blackjack is 12.

  3. One of the most popular player gripes on blackjack is they have another 12.

  4. Player’s love a variation in payoffs, in other words if a slot machine paid the same amount every time it would not be as exciting.  

  5. Field Gold 21 creates added excitement to an old favorite.

Field Gold !
Field Gold !
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