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21STUD is a new Casino Table Game that is dealt very similarly to the game of Blackjack yet removes the decision making option from the players, resulting in a faster and easier game to understand.   As in Casino War, once the cards are delivered, all decisions have been made and the results can be acted upon. If the player’s 2 cards add up to a higher total than the dealer’s 2 cards, the player wins.



(1) 21STUD is a 2-card Blackjack with no additional draws.

  • No double, no split, no hits… 2 cards, that’s it

(2) Blackjack is paid for point totals of 21 and 22 (a pair of Aces)

  • This results in more ways to get a Blackjack!

  • Face cards are still 10 points; Aces are always 11 points

(3) There is NO PUSH; player non-Blackjack totals lose if they are equal to the Dealer total

  • Someone always wins or loses the hand

(4) A round of play includes three (3) different match games, in addition to the Base Wager

  • Players can win a Bonus for being dealt a pair, or matching either Dealer flip card

(5) The maximum payout is when a player is dealt Suited Aces and both Dealer flip cards are a suited match when all Bonus bets are played.

  • The resulting payout would be 40:1 for Suited Aces, 22:1 for Match 1, and 22:1 for Match 2. The player would also receive 3:2 payout on the Base Wager.



21 STUD Video Demo

21 Stud-Vegas Vic-How to Play-Great Casino Games

21 Stud-Vegas Vic-How to Play-Great Casino Games

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Rules for 21 STUD

The Play – A typical round of play is as follows:

(1) All bets are made before any hand is dealt (Players are allowed to play multiple hands)
(2) The Base Wager is required; all Match bets are completely optional and separate
(3) Players receive a card, dealt face-up, one at a time, from left to right
(4) The Dealer receives a card, dealt face-down, into the right position marked with a (2)
(5) Players then receive a 2nd card, dealt face-up, in the same manner from left to right.
(6) The Dealer receives a 2nd card, dealt face-down, into the left position marked with a (1)
(7) If the player has placed a Mirror Match bet and was dealt a pair, they win a prize based on the outcome and pay schedule.
(8) The Dealer left-card marked by a (1) is then flipped, and the Match 1 bets are resolved paying from right to left.
 Finally, the Dealer right-card marked by a (2) is flipped. Match 2 and Base Wager bets are paid or collected at the same time for each player, from right to left.

  • As these final bets are resolved for each player, you should be placing their hand into the discard pile. This will allow them to place new bets as you continue payouts for the remaining players.

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