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Mystery Card Bonanza - Procedures

Mystery card Bonanza is played similar to Big Six in the casinos. We have introduced a new version of the game by using a custom 54-card deck which can be placed in any order the casino wants.


I recommend placing the game in the traditional order, but each casino may have its own preferences. Since cards can be removed and re-positioned during the game day, INAG was awarded 2 patents on this vertical shuffler. After each spin, the winning card can be removed or read with a table mirror as used in Big Six. Since INAG incorporated standard playing cards into its patents, the game layout has more betting options than a Big Six. We have added the 4 suits and the red and black to bring the game math down to around 10%. Players are playing this as a standard table game.

We have a new and improved shuffler design so that the card faces can be exposed giving the customer an anticipation of the outcome as the shuffler head slows and comes to a stop. The casino has 2 options of point designation.

Big Six Fun !

If the casino uses a mirror to read the outcome of the spin, the 3 o’clock flapper arm is removed and the card is read at the 12 o’clock position. If the casino requires the card to be removed and displayed on each spin, the 3 o’clock flapper is used and the 12 o’clock flapper is removed. The video below shows the new shuffler, but the game rules and math are the same. This is no longer the game that players place their last few dollars. It is not played like any other table game. This should be a part of every game mix.


This Game has 2 Patents - 8,505,919  &  8,695,981

Mark H. Jones introduces Mystery Card Bonanza :

The Math, Jurisdiction  Tolerances and Game Play - Please take the time to

review the video (above) which will show you the game in play.

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