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Double Joker Pai Gow Poker

Double Joker Pai Gow Poker is a new variation of Pai Gow Poker, played with a 54-card deck containing two Pai Gow Jokers (which act as an Ace unless they are filling a straight or flush or straight flush). Two optional side bets are offered.

Game Rules & Highlights

Double Joker Pai Gow Poker is played at the same gaming table as that of Pai Gow Poker. As in Pai Gow Poker, the player and dealer each receive 7 cards which are split between a 5-card “High” hand and a 2-card “Low” hand (which must be outranked by the 5-card hand). The High and Low hands of the player and Dealer are compared, with the Dealer winning ties (“copy hands”). If the dealer fails to have a “qualifying hand”, or if the dealer wins one hand and the player wins the other, the main wager is pushed. If the player beats the dealer on both hands, he wins even money; if he fails to beat the dealer on both hands, he loses his wager. Jokers may be used to complete a straight, flush, or straight flush (counting as the highest unused card in the suit when filling a flush), and otherwise count as an Ace. The second-highest straight and second-highest straight flush is A2345.


The game differs from Pai Gow Poker in the following ways:

  1. There are two Jokers instead of one.

  2. The dealer must have a pair to qualify – not only do Ace high Pai Gow hands result in pushes, but also King high and lower Pai Gow hands.

  3. The dealer will set their hand exposed before the player, such that the player can use this information to set his/her hand optimally.

  4. If the dealer can make a hand of Four Of A Kind or better, a Premium Bonus payment equal to a multiple of the Player’s bet may be awarded. (whether or not the dealer sets their hand that way)


To begin, the players place a Main Wager and may make additional “Big Hand Bonus” and “Joker Bonus” wagers. The dealer gives each player and himself seven cards and divides those cards into a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand according to a “House Way” determined by the casino, where the 5-card hand must outrank the 2-card hand.



  • After all wagers and side bets have been placed, shuffle the 54-card deck and determine the starting position using a dice shaker or shuffle machine RNG. The Dealer is always considered position #1 with each next position increasing counter-clockwise.


  • After determining the starting position, deal each spot 7 consecutive cards going counter-clockwise until all positions have been dealt cards.

    Verify that 5 extra cards remain, and collect the dealt hands from any positions without a wager. Place all unused cards into the discard pile.


  • The Dealer will now open and reveal their 7 cards the Players set their hands.


  • When using OVERQUALIFIER rules -

    • If the Dealer has 4-of-a-Kind or better, set the HIGH hand to reveal the 4-of-a-Kind or Straight Flush, playing the strongest possible LOW with the remaining cards.


  • OTHERWISE - the Dealer will set their hand according to the “House Way”. If the Dealer does not QUALIFY with at least a Pair or better, all hands will PUSH.

  • Players will then set their cards into two hands: a 2-card LOW and a 5-card HIGH. The LOW hand cannot be stronger than the HIGH hand.


  • If the Dealer OVERQUALIFED - for each Player, pay the main wager triple (or whichever multiple the casino has chosen)

    If the Dealer DID NOT QUALIFY, the main wager is a PUSH.

    Regarding Bonus Bets -
    If the Player made any side wagers and did not set their hand, collect those bets now. Otherwise, pay or take the “Big Hand Bonus” and “Joker Bonus” accordingly when revealing the Player’s HIGH and LOW hand.


    After all Players have chosen to set their hands, the Dealer will reveal each Player’s HIGH and LOW, from right to left, comparing each of the hands with the Dealer’s to determine the winner.

    If the hand is a copy, the tie goes to the house and counts as a LOSS for the Player.

    If the Player wins either of the HIGH or the LOW hand, the main wager is a PUSH.

    When the Player wins both of the HIGH and the LOW, the main wager is paid Even Money.

  • Regarding Bonus Bets -
    When evaluating the “Big Hand Bonus” you must consider all 7 cards of the Player's hand. (They do not have to set their HIGH hand a certain way to qualify)


BIG HAND BONUS (8.82% hit rate for any prize)

7 card Natural Straight Flush (No Jokers)   8888 to 1

6 Aces                                                              5888 to 1

7 card Straight Flush                                      888 to 1

5 Aces                                                              500 to 1

Royal Flush                                                     150 to 1

Straight Flush                                                 60 to 1

4 of a Kind                                                       40 to 1

Full House                                                       6 to 1

Flush                                                                4 to 1

Straight or worse                                            Loss


JOKER BONUS  (25.93% hit rate for any prize)

2 Jokers, Player                                 15 to 1

2 Jokers, Dealer                                 10 to 1

1 Joker, Player + Dealer                    3 to 1

1 Joker, Player                                    1 to 1

1 Joker, Dealer                                    Loss

No Jokers                                             Loss


When the dealer is capable of making a hand of Four of a Kind or better (whether or not he actually sets his hand to do that), then the player may be awarded a Premium Bonus payment equal to a multiple of his Main Wager (1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x) that is chosen by the casino.

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