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Ten Ten 21- Procedures

Summary of Game


1. Ten-Ten 21 is a compelling side bet in the game of blackjack.

2. The proposition allows the Player to bet on the dealer’s cards. If the dealer’s up card is a 10-value card the Player can win one of three different payoffs, “depending on the dealer’s hole card.”

3. If the dealer’s up card is not a 10-value card (10, J, Q, K) the bet loses. The outcome of the primary blackjack bet has no bearing on the Ten-Ten 21 bet. A player can win on one and lose on the other.


Start of Game


4. Prior to the start of each round of Blackjack, Players have the opportunity to place a Ten-Ten 21 bet on the oval betting spot on the table layout at the same time their Blackjack bet is made and before any cards are dealt.

5. The Ten-Ten 21 minimum and maximum is $1 to $25.

6. After all wagers have been placed, the Dealer deals the first two cards to each player and to themselves in the same manner as regular blackjack dealing procedure.

Take and Pay Procedures

7. If the dealer’s up card is not a ten-value card, beginning from the dealers right to left, the dealer takes all losing Ten-Ten 21 wagers.

8. If the dealer has a ten-value card and a ace in the hole, (Blackjack), from dealers right to left he takes all players losing hands and from dealers right to left he pays all Ten-Ten 21 wagers 6 to 1

9. If the Dealer’s up card is a ten-value card, the Ten-Ten 21 bets remain until the hit and take procedures for the regular game of blackjack is completed.

10. If Player has a (Blackjack), Dealer will mark the Player’s Ten-Ten 21 bet with a special lamer that will be in the chip tray. Dealer will pay the Blackjack hand and pick up the cards. The 10-10-21 lamer will remain until the end of the game and all Ten-Ten 21 wagers are paid.  


Determination of Winner:


11.If the Dealer whole card is 2 thru 9, starting from the Dealer’s right to left, Dealer pays all Ten-Ten 21 bets 1 to1, if the Dealers whole card is a ten-value card (10, J, Q, K), Dealer pays all Ten-Ten 21 bets 3-1.


TEN-TEN 21 Bonus


12. If the dealer has two 10s (no face cards) and the player had a blackjack, the player is paid 40 to 1. In order to win the highest bonus payout the dealer must have a ten up card and a ten in the hole, “which does not include any face cards and the player must have a Blackjack.’ In this occurrence, the Players will not have any cards as Blackjack hand was already paid and the 10-10 21 lamer will be on top of the players Ten-Ten 21 bet. 

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