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Triple Zero Roulette

Introduction & General Procedure


1. MCR Triple 000 is a roulette variant played with a thirty-nine slot wheel or shuffler as follows:


          a.  Straight ups win 35 to 1 unless the player wins the bonus

                     (see side bets "Bonus" for more details).


          b. The numbers 0, 00, and 000; marked in green.


2. MCR Triple 000 Roulette uses the following roulette-style wagers:


          a.  Straight ups win 35 to 1 unless the player wins the bonus

                     (see side bets "Bonus" for more details).

          b. Split wager on two numbers, which pays 17 to 1.

          c. Street wager on three numbers, which pays 11 to 1.

          d. Corner wager on four numbers, which pays 8 to 1.

          e. Alley wager on six numbers, which pays 5 to 1.

          f. Street or dozen wagers on 12 numbers, which pays 2 to 1.

          g. High/Low, Even/Odd, and Black/Red wagers on 18 numbers,

              which pay 1 to 1.


Average Return and House Edge:

As each spin in roulette is independent, the average player result for each wager can be calculated with the following algebraic formula:

• Average Result = (Probability of win * payout) - probability of loss

With this formula, the average result and house edge for each wager is

Calculated as Follows:


All payouts without the bonus option will carry a house edge of 7.69%.


If the casino wishes to only pay 36 to 1 on bonus, the house edge moves to 5.13% on the bonus payout.



After the dealer has called off all bets and while the ball or shuffler is moving, the dealer will activate the “Draw” button on the Bonus tablet. As an example, let’s assume a 14 is generated. The dealer will place a bonus dolly marker on that wagering area. If there is a wager(s) on that spot, those players are in the bonus. The point generation apparatus will determine the main game action #. If that # in this example is a 14, the player’s wagers on that # will be paid 37 to 1 for the bonus payout. All other standard payouts will be the same as a standard double zero game.

Odds Math
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