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Mystery Card Poker - Procedures

INAG had done it again. With 10 issued patents, game creator and President of INAG, Mark H. Jones has filled another niche market need. Roulette is a forbidden fruit in many gaming jurisdictions due to the past (and I do mean the past) manipulation of the roulette wheel. California is one of these states. Mystery Card Poker plays well in the tribal casinos because it is a card game and allowed under compacts.


Cardrooms may only offer card games or tile games such as Pai Gow. The House is never allowed to participate in the banking of any game offered in these Cardrooms.


The rules are quite simple:

These rules are for CA cardrooms. MCP can be dealt in Class II and Class III format

1. Only an owner of a cardroom may submit games for approval by the Bureau of Gambling Control accompanied with submission fees. 

2. The rules of the game, game math and appendix of terms must be submitted. 

3. The rules must provide for a systematic rotation of the player banker. This person is allowed to hold the banking position for 2 hands before the next player to their left is offered it. 

4. A player banker is never required to cover all action on the game. They only have to post the minimum required under the submitted rules. There may be more than 1 player banker. If the player banker(s) do not cover the action, the licensed banker will complete the action. 

Under California Law the game of Roulette is prohibited. Mystery Card Poker is not the prohibited game of Roulette as it is a card game and card games are permissible. The manner of banking this game is patented and the proprietary property rights have been licensed to INAG.


In some jurisdictions games are required to be dealt from cards from a standard deck of cards (no custom cards like MCR uses). Now enters MCP. We have taken all the Aces through Eights, the 9 of ♠ 9 of ♦, 10 of ♣, 10 of ♥, a black and white Joker and a color Joker and arranged them on a game layout where we have duplicate the math of a traditional Roulette game. We have also added the 4 Suit wagering areas since we are using traditional playing cards in the game.


We will use our patented shuffler on the game to add to the excitement of the game. Your customers have been requesting this for some time now so here is your opportunity to offer it to them. Game math is available on request. This Game is Patented.

Mystery Card Poker Game Table
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