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Welcome to INAG

The Worlds Greatest Card Based Gaming Company.

"Mr. Jones is not your typical salesperson!

He has walked in the shoes of every

manager he presents to."


INAG Inc. started its climb in the gaming development, manufacturing and distribution business in 1999. Founder and President Sir Mark H. Jones came up through the Casinos starting in Card Rooms, then through Class III Table Table Games Management, Slot Operations Assist Director and then was promoted to Casino Shift Manager.

Besides holding the patent on the #1 card-based Roulette style game in the world, INAG has joined  with several of the major gaming companies in the world to collaborate and join intellectual property to present some really unique games. INAG has been awarded the title "World’s Greatest Card-Based Gaming Company” by World’s Greatest as seen on T.V.

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Watch our instructional video features to learn more about the games that INAG  has successfully launched in popular & main stream casinos.

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