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Please see below and try INAG's Growing Library of Online Instructional Casino Game Demo's.

All Out Derby Game Demo

This game gives the player the opportunity of wagering on the winner of a horse race without going to the track. The current track may offer 6 horses at a time. The track and the # of player positions can be expanded at any time. Players can wager on 1 or all horses if they wish per race. In its current game play, there will be 1 winning horse. Players wagering on the winning horse will be paid base on how far ahead of the other horses was when it crossed the finish line.

3 Card Change Game Demo
  1. 3 Card Change Up is fun and exciting for the players and easy to learn.

  2. Each player gets 3 cards plus 1 Change Up Card and must choose whether they think their 3 cards will be Higher or Lower value than the dealer's card. 

  3. The Change Up Card can be used once to replace any one of the first 3 cards if you choose.

Fury of the Dragon Game Demo

Fury of the Dragon is played with a 52-card deck containing sixteen 3s, sixteen 5s, sixteen 8s, and four Jokers. Number cards are worth face-value and Jokers are worth 5 points. The goal of the game is to score a point total greater than the dealer's hand. 

Poker or Bust Game Demo

Poker or Bust is a dynamic hybrid of the world’s top two card games: Poker and Blackjack.  Black Jack players quickly get the totaling of the cards while poker players use their game skills as the hand builds. Dealt just like Blackjack, Poker or Bust gives you Poker action at Blackjack speed.

1 Bet Threat Game Demo

1 BET THREAT has an instant showdown in each and every hand against the dealer, making the game exciting and easier to play. This new variation of hold'em keeps the player in the game all the way to the showdown with just their main bet. No more folding cards and forfeiting bets to the dealer. The instant showdown adds more player appeal while still offering the opportunity to make additional call bets as in traditional hold'em.

Inquire as to how INAG can bring your game to life with a playable demo version.


Game Demos

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