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CountR – the solution provider for casinos

CountR is a worldwide leading developer for cash handling and cash management solutions for casinos. We support our clients in streamlining their cash processing, increasing security, and automating work processes. Boosting revenues while cutting costs – it can be done! Coinless and cashless gaming is gaining ground against the traditional coin-based systems. TITO based techniques are  especially dominating slot machine gaming today. The next step of optimization is made by reducing action steps for players on table games. With the help of TITA, traffic between slot and table gaming will increase, thereby growing revenue while reducing costs.


We have been able to shrink our automated redemption kiosk to make it fit to the limited space on your table games. This will help improve your operation significantly. Players are no longer carrying the chips to your cashiers. And you don’t have to change the till of your table games with chips. Players can easily move between table games and slot machines and vice versa. There is no longer a need to visit a cashier or redemption kiosk with the risk of the customer leaving the casino. When leaving the table the player is receiving a ticket that can be redeemed at any of the automated redemption kiosks. This will help you to reduce queues at the cashiers booth. At the end of each dealer's shift a report will be printed that can be used to balance the table game. Cash and promotional voucher transactions can also be accepted via TITA. This gives you full transparency of your table games.


Operation and Configuration

Our graphical user interface insures that your dealers learn quickly how to operate TITA. A remote monitoring tool allows you to monitor all transactions instantly and to know the exact amount of cash and tickets at each table at any time. Detailed settlement reports are also available. A monitoring tool allows you to easily perform configuration remotely from your desktop.


There is no need to walk through the casino floor for administration purposes. Software updates can also be loaded via the remote monitoring tool. This makes an update of 100 TITAs on the floor a 15 minutes job. Operator access will be managed remotely and makes sure all TITAs at your premises are always at the same level. When you remove an operator remotely he or she will instantly have no access to the system on the floor. Via access levels you can make sure that the access of each operator is limited to only the functionality he or she requires.

TITA: Enable ticket handling at your table games

With the TITA device installed at a table game you can:

  • Validate tickets and display their amounts

  • Accept tickets at a table game and also allow them to be partially exchanged to chips

  • Check whether or not tickets are valid

  • Issue and print tickets in exchange for chips

  • Print ticket through table option available

  • Accept cash at a table game to be exchanged for chips

  • Accept vouchers at a table game to be exchanged for chips

With the help of TITA you can eliminate

  • Chip handling at the cage

  • Players carrying chips to the cashier´s cage

  • Long lines in front of the cage at peak times

  • Taking chips from the cage back to the tables

Fully integrated into existing casino IT infrastructure

  • Simple LAN connection to the casino online system and the CountR ART monitoring software

  • Optional wireless connection

You optimize the procedure for the players

  • Players can move from table games to slots and vice versa without cashing tickets or chips

  • Players can easily cash their table game winnings at the nearest ticket redemption machine

  • Players can change cash to chips directly at the table game

  • A note acceptor with bundle option can be attached for improved cash acceptance at the table game

  • Players can optionally use promotional vouchers at the table game

  • Players no longer have to redeem their chips at the Cashier’s Cage

  • TITA accounts for tickets, cash and vouchers


The TITA system consists of two main modules:

Scan tickets at the upper side of the table:

  • State of the art Android Smartphone or Tablet PC with installed TITA core and camera to scan barcodes

  • Connection cable to the power and printer unit

  • Voucher alignment


Print tickets under the table:

  • Ticket printer has a capacity to print between 300 and 900 tickets and reports

  • USB and communication hubs

  • Power supply unit

  • Power and network connection

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