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Poker or Bust - Procedures

            Poker or Bust is a dynamic hybrid of the world’s top two card games: Poker and Blackjack.  Black Jack players quickly get the totaling of the cards while poker players use their game skills as the hand builds. Dealt just like Blackjack, Poker or Bust gives you Poker action at Blackjack speed.



            Players try to build their highest 3 card poker hand without going over “31”.  Easy to learn and easier to play, 1st time players feel confident they can win after only 1 or 2 hands.


             The suspense grows when the Dealer’s up card is bigger than the player’s highest card and the player still has no poker hand.  Hit and risk busting or stand and hope the Dealer busts?


             Fast and fun to play.  With the ease and speed of Blackjack combined with an exciting poker twist, both casinos and players love this new game!  House Edge varies between 1.49% and 1.85% based on which Odds Pay Table the casino selects.


Game Objective


Players and Dealer must create a 3 card poker hands without the total value of each hand going over 31.


Players’ poker hands are compared to the Dealer’s hand to determine the winner.


Odds are paid on predetermined poker hands against a Pay Table. If the player busts, both Ante and Odds wagers lose.




Game is dealt from a six-deck shuffler of standard playing cards.
Dealer must hit on 22 or less and on stand on 23 or higher.


In the card count, aces are always counted as 1. Aces can be played
high or low in the poker hand.


Ante bet and Odds bet are mandatory and of equal value. All bets are
placed before cards are dealt.

Odds bet pays on predetermined 3 card poker hands.

If the Player wins, their Ante bet is paid even money. If a Player's
hand has a value of Jacks or better, their Odds bet is payed
according to the pay-table below. If the Player's hand has a value less
than Jacks, their Odds bet loses.

• If the Player busts, both wagers are lost.

• If the Player and Dealer push, the Ante pushes and the
Odds bet plays against the pay-table.

• If the Dealer busts, Antes of all remaining Players are paid even
money and the Odds bet plays against the pay-table.

If the Dealer wins, Player loses Ante and the Odds bet plays
against the pay-table.

Game Play

  1. Ante and Odds bets are placed before cards are dealt of an equal amount.

  2.  Players are dealt first card face up. Dealer is dealt first card face down.

  3.  Players dealt second card face up.  Dealer is dealt second card face up.

  4. First Player to the dealer’s left is dealt a third card and tries to get the best 3-card poker hand without going over 31.  Player may stop taking more cards at any time. This process continues until all players have acted.

  5.  If the Player “busts” (goes over total of 31), both wagers are lost.

  6.  Each Player takes cards until they stand or have busted.

  7.  Dealer turns over his hole card revealing his starting hand.  Dealer then deals themselves more cards to build a 3-card poker hand.  Dealer must hit on all hands with 22 or lower and stand on all hands totaling 23 or higher.

  8.  Dealer will follow rules above to determine winners and losers.​


Poker or Bust
Poker or Bust Game Demo
Pay Table
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