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3 Card Change Up - Procedures



  • 3 Card Change Up is fun and exciting for the players and easy to learn.

  • Each player gets 3 cards plus 1 Change Up Card and must choose whether they think their 3 cards will be Higher or Lower value than the dealer's card. 

  • The Change Up Card can be used once to replace any one of the first 3 cards if you choose.






  • Three Card Change Up is played with six 52-card standard decks of playing cards, shuffled together and dealt from a shoe. It can also be dealt from a continuous shuffler. 

  • To begin play, each player makes two equal, mandatory wagers: the Ante wager and the Poker Bonus wager.

  • Each player then receives four cards, face-down, each delivered to the areas in front of each player as indicated on the game layout; the fourth of these cards is referred to as the "Change Up card"  and may be used to replace any of the three original cards.

  • The dealer will deal themselves one card, face-down.

  • At the instruction of the dealer, the players each reveal their first card and make one of the following two choices 

A) Play the card by predicting if the player's card will be higher or lower than the dealer's card by sliding that card up for HIGHER or down for LOWER or 

B) If the player doesn't like that card they can switch the card for the Change Up card and then they make the same decision as before (high or low). The discarded card will be placed in the Change Up box (face up) and used in making the player's 4-card Poker hand.

  • This procedure continues for the second and third card, except that the player may only utilize the Change Up card option once in the play of the hand.

  • The dealer then reveals their card for purposes of resolving the wagers.

  • Each player's ANTE wager is resolved as follows beginning from the dealers right:


A) If the player has made three correct predictions, their ante pays at a rate of 1 :1 if they used  the Change Up card, or at a rate of 3:2 if they did not use the Change Up card.

B) Note that deuces are low and aces are always high.

C) Note that if a player card and dealer card are tied in rank, that does not count as a correct prediction as all ties go to the house. Players Ante will be lost.

  • Next, the Player's Poker Bonus wager is resolved based on the four-card poker hand formed by their three cards plus their Change Up card and paid according to the Poker Bonus pay table. If the player did not use their Change Up card, the dealer will expose the card and use it in comparing the Players hand to the pay table. The dealer will follow the same procedure until all players wagers have been acted upon.

  • Finally, all cards are collected and a new round begins.




3 Card Change Up
3Card Change Up Close Up
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